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If you hold a Significant Investment Visa, you've unlocked a gateway to unparalleled financial opportunities.

At MFM, we comprehend the significance of the SIV program. We understand the importance of these funds to you as they are key to establishing the next chapter of your lives. Our experience allows us to assist in tailoring solutions that not only comply with the visa requirements but also align with your personal financial requirements both now and after permanent residency has been granted. We help ensure the alignment of the portfolio with your life goals while managing the investment risk for you


Offering Niche SIV expertise

We are not just financial advisors; we are architects of SIV success. Our team possesses profound knowledge of SIV intricacies, ensuring your investments align seamlessly with the program's requirements.

Tailored Structures, Limitless Possibilities

Your SIV is not just a visa; it's your key to a world of financial abundance. We craft bespoke financial structures, intricately designed to maximize your investments, expand your ventures, and secure your family's future.

We Negotiate Transparent Fees

We bring unparalleled levels of transparency to your investments. Unlike most SIV investment managers, we negotiate transparent fees and rebate 100% of any fees paid by any fund managers to our clients. We work for you!!!

Beyond Australian Residency

We don't stop at residency; we empower you for citizenship. Our strategies not only secure your present but also pave the way for a future where your global mobility knows no boundaries.


Strategic Investment Blueprints: Crafted specifically for SIV holders, our investment plans align seamlessly with the visa program, ensuring compliance and optimising returns.

Business Expansion: Transform your ventures. We guide you in expanding your business horizons, creating job opportunities, and contributing to the local economy.

Generational Wealth: Secure your legacy. Our plans go beyond your lifetime, creating pathways for generational wealth, enriching your family's future for years to come.

Global Mobility Mastery: Leverage your SIV for global access. Our expertise ensures your passport becomes a ticket to international opportunities, enhancing your global mobility and influence.

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