New Year Spending Tips

If you want to change the way you’re doing something, if you want to improve or adjust or if you simply want to bring about a new direction – changing the way you think about something is the first step!

Many of us begin our new-year-financials with a hope to saving more money – and as the year progresses, we find that we haven’t achieved this goal as well as we would have liked. Whilst there are many factors that influence our saving – one key area is how we spend our money… because that determines how much we have available to save!

So let’s begin this year, not with ideas on how to SAVE money, but focussing on wiser ways of SPENDING our money!

Understand your monthly instalments

Don’t assume that your debit orders will remain the same. Most policies increase in January – especially Medical Plans. Make sure you have enough money in your account before the debits run so that you can avoid paying penalties on late fees, and protect yourself from overspending.

If you need to, changing the day that the debit orders run might help you manage money at the end or beginning of the month.

Debit not credit

Make a habit of using your debit card instead of your credit card for everyday purchases. That way you can make sure you don’t overextend your credit this festive season. The simple rule should be: if you don’t have the cash available, you can’t have the item.

Keep an eye on sales

The first few weeks of the year are often the absolute best time to get huge savings! This way you can spend considerably less and still fill your trolley.

Most stores offer sales from groceries to clothing to gift ideas. If you see gift options that will work for birthday presents – grab them now when they’re on special and save yourself spending double later in the year.

Remember, miserly spending makes for wiser saving.

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