Wealth Philosophy

We work with an evidence-based approach to asset management and portfolio construction.

We always work to align the portfolios with the goals and objectives that are important to you while endeavoring to reduce the investment risk where possible.

Our approach is to align your specific objectives with your tolerance to downside risk and market volatility. 

Our expertise is in advice and coaching, not individual fund manager or stock selection.

Our approach consistently seeks to control the downside risk within your portfolio. This is achieved through:

  1. A strong emphasis on strategic asset allocations 
  2. Diversification
  3. Utilisation of cash where appropriate
  4. Portfolio Rebalancing
  5. Discipline

Experience and research show that a well-constructed and robust methodology around the investment of your core family wealth, excluding the family home, increases the likelihood of you having a life that is less stressful and more meaningfully aligned to the values and goals that are important to you.

Goal Based Investing

Goal-based investing involves the alignment of your portfolio to your specific life goals, such holidays or paying a retirement income, as opposed to focusing on generating the highest possible portfolio return or beating the market.

Your yardstick for success is how well you can meet your personal life goals, rather than how well your investments perform against the market average in each period.

As a result, rather than focusing on Behavioural based pigeonholing for your portfolio, your portfolio is optimized to deliver the highest probability of achieving each of your specified goals. 

This means that:

  1. There is a tailored strategy for each of your goals. Accordingly, “sub-portfolios” are created for each goal to ensure that they are managed to enhance the likelihood of achieving your goal in the specified timeframe.
  2. Your performance benchmark is redefined. Benchmarking to some random market index is of secondary concern.

Download the investment infographic here.


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