Introducing The Financial Elevator

Our unique process that takes your financial health to new levels.

Level 1 – Grow it

Build financial freedom with The Bordeaux Process. It's a smoother journey for both you and your investments.

Level 2 – Leverage it

Maximise your existing equity with the Debt Leverager and reach your wealth potential

Level 3 – Protect it

Protect your most important assets with The Risk Optimiser and enjoy peace of mind.

Level 4 – Enjoy it

Take care of retirement with The Retirement Enricher and enjoy the fruits of your labour

Level 5 – Share it

Look after the next generation with The Legacy Enhancer and leave a lasting legacy

Expert advice with a unique client experience.

  • Utilise a proven process

    The Financial Elevator is our signature process.
    And with every level, backed by its own individual process, it’s the most efficient way to take your financial health to new levels.

  • Empower yourself

    We believe strongly in our philosophy of education and mentoring.
    Educated clients understand their journey and will stick to the plan, even in tough times, achieving better results.

  • Work with a vibrant team

    Our advisers are cut from a different cloth.
    We are energetic, passionate and responsive because becoming financially fit should be fun!

Our Advisers

Martin Morris

Martin Morris Managing Director

Colin Ash

Colin Ash Strategic Consultant

We create an exceptional client journey to help you focus on the important things in life.

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